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Opal fare changes from 1 July

From Monday 1 July, Opal fares across the network will increase by an average of 3.6 per cent, in line with the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) movement.

What isn’t changing:

  • Weekly travel caps. Weekly fares will still be capped at $50 for Adults and $25 for Child/Youth and Concession card holders, while Seniors and Pensioners with a Gold Opal card will not be charged more than $2.50 per day.
  • Friday and weekend caps will continue to be half price.
  • Transfer discounts for switching between modes within 1 hour will still apply.
  • Short bus and light rail journey fares up to 3km will also remain unchanged.

Changes from July 1:

  • There will be increases to most Opal fares, single trip tickets and some daily caps. The average impact of the Opal fare change will be a 3.6 per cent increase.
  • Adult Opal customers will have a daily travel cap of $18.70 Monday to Thursday, and $9.35 Friday to Sunday and public holidays. Child/Youth and Concession Opal customers will have a daily cap of $9.35, and a weekend (including Fridays) and public holidays daily cap of $4.65.
  • The Sydney Airport Station Access Fee set by the Airport Link Company for customers using the Domestic and International Airport train stations will increase to $17.34 for Adults and $15.50 for Child/Youth, Concessions and Senior fares. Passengers travelling regularly to airport stations can access a weekly access fee cap of $35.16 for Adults and $31.51 for Child/Youth, Concessions and Senior fare paying passengers. 

Opal fare caps from 1 July 2024

Card Type Daily Fare Cap   Weekly Fare Cap
  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday & Public Holidays  
Adult $18.70 $9.35 $50.00
Child/Youth $9.35 $4.65 $25.00
Concession $9.35 $4.65 $25.00
Senior $2.50 $2.50 $17.50

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