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Before you go

What to check before you go on your public transport journey.

Plan your trip end to end

Use the Trip Planner to select your start and end destinations and either save, screenshot or write down the journey for easy reference.

Top up your Opal or Debit card

Make sure you have enough money on your Opal card or debit card to pay for the service. Fares will be displayed on the Trip Planner.

Search your station and accessible services

Search your station online to check its accessibility features.

Get to your stop early

Arrive at your stop or station at least 5 minutes early to ensure you arrive on time.

Check for delays and alerts

This website or app allows you to search your bus route, train line or other service for any delays or changes.

Travel with a companion

Travel with a friend or carer if you will need help throughout your trip.

Check your directions

Make sure you’ve checked how to get to your stop or station.