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Planning for the unexpected - Your backup plan

Unexpected disruptions are unavoidable. Having a back-up plan can give you the confidence to address any issues and reduce the stress of the situation.

What is a backup plan?

A backup plan is designed to enable you to respond to possible future events or circumstances with minimal stress. It provides a framework you can follow in the event there are any disruptions during your planned trip.

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Create your backup plan

In order to personalise your backup plan, think of who in your personal or social circles may be able to help you when you hit a bump on your journey and may need some support.

The types of people's details that are useful to include on your personal backup plan are:

  • Your Travel Support Person is someone you can contact to assist you if you encounter any disruptions or issues during your travel. They can be the same person as your ICE but should be someone you feel comfortable calling for assistance.

  • Your In Case of Emergency Contact (ICE). This is someone, usually your next of kin, who should be contacted if there is an emergency. This is useful if first responders need to contact your ICE to obtain important medical or support information in the event they need to provide you assistance or medical care.

Your personal or contact details entered to create your backup plan will not be stored. You can print, download or email your backup plan to use as you see fit. It is suggested you always carry a copy of your backup plan with you when you are travelling.

Create your personalised backup plan (pdf 85KB)

How to use your backup plan