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Seeking assistance during your journey

There are several help points you can access when planning your journey or during your trip.

The types of assistance available on public transport include:

  • In person help
  • Telephone help
  • Trip planning apps on your mobile phone

In person help

You can seek help in person at a station, stop or on a Public Transport vehicle.

Transport workers on site are happy to help with any questions and can be identified by their uniforms, with many wearing high visibility vests for ease of identification.

Need help boarding a train with a mobility aid?

Click on the link below to learn more about getting help to board a train with a mobility aid:

Other commuters are also another good source of support during your trip.

Telephone help

131500 - Transport Info line

Call 131 500 and select option 5 from the menu to speak to a Transport worker.

You can call this number anytime between 7am and 10pm every day to speak with a trained person who will be able to help you with trip planning, timetable or route information and can provide you with real time assistance during your journey.

Trusted friend or family member

You can contact a person you trust to talk you through the unexpected event and find options for the best way forward for you.

Apps on your mobile

Use Trip planning apps at any time on your phone to plan your trip with live info about alternate services and alternative route options to get you to your destination.