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Using Departures

Departures is a tool that allows you to see the next services leaving from your station, stop or wharf, in real-time.

Similar to a departure board you see at a train station, or a timetable you see at the bus stop, it's a tool designed for people who already know where they're going.

It's currently in a beta release, which means that we're still building additional features to improve the way it works. While we're happy that it's working well for most people, you may come across something that's not quite right. If you do, please give us your feedback.

You will find Departures next to the Trip Planner.

In the From field, start typing the name of your station, stop or wharf or enter its unique Stop ID. Select your stop from the suggested locations in the drop down list.

Once the stop is selected, click on the Go button.

The results will show a list of services leaving next from your selected stop (or group of stops). Departures will default to the current time when you run the search, listed in order of departure time. It will show 40 departures or up to 48 hours of services departing the stop(s). To see results for a different day or time click on Leaving now and select your preferred leaving time.

Each accessible trip is shown with the wheelchair icon. If there are any alerts for that stop or service, the alert icon will also appear.

You can click on any service to view more details, such as real-time information (if available - on time, early or late), the stops along that service and any alert details.

All modes departing from the stop are shown by default, but if there are multiple modes you can turn modes on and off by clicking the mode icon under Show only.
See what the icons mean.


You can further refine your results to show services leaving from your chosen stop and only travelling to a particular destination. Please not that this will only show destinations that you can reach directly from your chosen stop, without transferring. For planning trips that may involve a transfer, please use the Trip Planner.

To create a destination filter, click on the Filters button.

A new pop-up will appear.

Under Filter by destination you can enter a destination as either a:

  • metro or train station
  • bus, light rail or coach stop
  • ferry wharf
  • unique stop ID
  • suburb

You need to select a match from the suggestions in the drop down list. Once done click on the Apply filters button.

The results will now be filtered showing only the services travelling to your chosen destination.


Results can also be filtered to show only one or more particular routes departing from a stop.

To create a destination filter, click on the Filters button.

A new pop-up will appear.

Under Filter by route, all routes departing the chosen stop are listed, click on one or more of these routes to only show results from those routes, when you have selected all your preferred routes click on Apply filters.

You will be returned to the stop departure results with your filters applied.


You can save a favourite departure, including any applied filters by click on the Favourite button.

You should see an indication that the departure has been added to your favourites.

When the departure has been added to your favourites, the next time you return to Departures it will be displayed at the top of the list of Previous departures.