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Use your backup plan at a bus stop

1. Where am I?

Use the following resources to determine where you are:

Look at signage near you check the Bus Stop ID on the Bus Stop sign

2. Where am I going?

You know your destination from your original Trip Plan.

Make any adjustments that you need to where you're going given the disruption.

3. How do I get there?

Find your way from point where you are to where you are going by planning a new trip using any of the options below:

Use a Trip Planning App to find out when the next bus travelling along your route will arrive.

Call the Transport Info Line:  Ring 131500, select option 5, and share the Bus ID on the bus stop sign.

Ask someone signal the driver of the next bus and enquire about when the next service headed your way is due to arrive.

Call your Travel Support person and ask for help finding the time when the next bus will arrive.

TIP: If you use a digital tool to plan a new trip, you will see real time information about your trip options at the time the time of travel starting from your current location.