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Level crossing safety

Always cross train tracks using a footbridge, an underpass or at designated pedestrian level crossings.

Crossing the tracks anywhere else is illegal and extremely dangerous.

Trespassing on railway property outside of pedestrian zones or being on the tracks illegally can be serious and fineable offences.

There are safety measures in place at pedestrian level crossings, however always stop, look, listen and think whenever you use these designated walkways to cross the tracks.

Level crossings vary and can have different features to guide pedestrians, such as:

  • signage
  • audio and visual train warnings
  • warning tactile tiles
  • angled approach paths to face pedestrians towards oncoming trains
  • automatic gates
  • emergency escape areas.

Here's some advice that could save your life.

  • Ensure that you are not distracted by your mobile phone and remove headphones. You might not hear a train, especially when using your earphones or mobile phone. Never assume a train is a long way off.
  • Obey the safety signs at every railway crossing and cross at marked crossings only.
  • Stay on the path. Listen and look in both directions for approaching trains.
  • If the red lights are flashing or the gate is closed, a train is coming so keep clear of the tracks.
  • Never jump fences, gates or barriers. This is extremely dangerous and it is very likely the oncoming train is close to the crossing.
  • If a train is coming, wait for it to pass and then stop, look and listen again before crossing as another train may be approaching.
  • Don't ride bicycles, skateboards, skates or roller-blades across any pedestrian crossing.
  • Never assume that it is safe to cross when the lights are still flashing. Even if a train has passed, there may be another train coming in the other direction. Only enter the crossing when the lights have stopped flashing or the gate has opened.

When crossing with a mobility aid, cross at right angles to the track to avoid getting your wheels stuck in the gaps on the tracks. The gaps are up to 7.5 centimetres wide.

If you are crossing with a mobility aid or have vision impairment, consider travelling with a friend or carer when using pedestrian level crossings.


If you are on the railway tracks or railway property outside of the designated pedestrian areas, you are trespassing. This includes crossing the tracks, standing beside the railway track or anywhere inside the fenced area by the side of the tracks

Being on the tracks illegally

An eight-carriage train travelling at 100kmh can take 500 metres to stop and freight trains can take up to one kilometre, which means that even if train drivers see you, they can’t stop in time.

Being on the tracks illegally could lead to a $5,500 penalty or serious injuries if struck by a train. Please follow the signs, listen and look in both directions and never enter a railway crossing if the red lights are flashing or the gate is closed.

If you see any illegal train track crossing, report it to the police by calling 000.

If you know of someone who regularly goes on the tracks, you can make an anonymous report to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Report any illegal activity, please don't ignore it.