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Accessibility services available at stations, stops or wharves

Find the accessibility features of a station, stop or wharf

You can check the accessibility features of any stations and stops you will need to use on your trip on the Stations, stops and wharves lookup where you can look up the name of every train station, bus or light rail stop or ferry wharf to see what accessibility features are available at a particular stop.

Accessible features include:

  • mobility ramps on buses
  • ramps and lifts to platforms
  • hearing loops
  • accessible ticket counters
  • free payphones
  • toilets

Check for any disruptions to services

Before you leave for your trip you can check for any travel alerts or disruptions on the network to check the facilities at the stations, stops or wharves on your planned route, to find out about any outages that may impact your accessibility options on your trip.

You can also call 131 500 to ask a transport worker to search for any disruptions to your route and let them know about your assistance requirements in advance (e.g. I can't use stairs, or I need access to a disabled toilet).

Knowing your stop

You can ask the bus driver to alert you when it is your stop and on trains, they announce the stops on the platform and on the train.

But to give you peace of mind, it is suggested that you use the Stop Announcement function on your trip planning tool to tell when you are coming to your stop in case the bus driver forgets to let you know about your stop or you have difficulty hearing the train announcements.

The Stop Announcement will track the progress of your trip in real time and let you know when you are coming to your stop. You will need to have mobile data available on your phone for this functionality to work during your trip.