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Travelling with animals and pets

Assistance animals with a valid form of accepted accreditation are allowed on all public transport in NSW.

Pet animals may be allowed to travel on buses, ferries, light rail and in a taxi if it is confined in a box, basket or other container as required by the Passenger Transport (General) Regulation 2017. However, permission is still required by staff or the driver.

In accordance with industry recognition, therapy animals, facility animals and emotional support animals are considered to be companion animals. These animals do not have public access rights and can only travel using the arrangements provided for travelling with pets.

Travelling with an assistance animal

For information to determine if your animal qualifies as an assistance animal and advice on travelling with an assistance animal on public transport in NSW, please visit the Assistance Animal Permit page.

Travelling with pets

Check which modes of transport will allow pets before you travel.

Transport Pets allowed
Metro No pets on stations and metro trains
Train No pets on stations and trains
Bus Yes, with permission from the driver
Coach No pets at coach stops or on coaches
Ferry Yes, with permission from the crew and if following the below guidelines
Light rail Yes, with permission from light rail staff
Taxis Yes, if the vehicle is suitable and with permission from the driver

When boarding public transport with a pet or other animal, please be aware that:

  • The animal must be restrained in a suitable box, basket or other container at all times while on board.
  • The driver or crew may refuse to allow the animal if the service is reaching capacity.
  • Animals that are not clean, appear vicious or likely to annoy, threaten or inconvenience other customers will not be allowed.
  • Animals are not allowed on seats and must not obstruct passageways.
  • You should keep your animal away from other travelling animals to ensure the safety and comfort of other customers and pets
  • On ferries, animals should not travel in the enclosed ferry cabin areas, unless the vessel does not have an outdoor area or it is unavailable.