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Hop-on hop-off services

Hop on and hop off services in Sydney and the Blue Mountains allow you to get on and off as you much as you like along a set route.

Free shuttles

These buses are accessible and run frequently in a loop around popular shopping and business precincts.

You can plan your trip for these routes using:

Parramatta - route 900

Route 900 runs every 12 minutes between 7am and 7pm. It runs in a loop from Parramatta Wharf Phillip Street, via Parramatta Stadium and Parramatta Westfield, stopping along the way.

Wollongong - route 55A and 55C

The Gong shuttle, route 55A and 55C, runs in a loop from the University of Wollongong campus via the Wollongong Hospital stopping at convenient locations along the way.

Sight-seeing bus and ferry services

These services vary in ticket price. They are great for seeing the sights and getting to tourist spots, landmarks and other points of interest. With your ticket, you can get on and off as much you like.

For the Sydney bus tours, visit Big Bus Tours website

For the Hop on Hop Off rocket ferries in Sydney Harbour, visit the Captain Cook website.