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Opal only buses

‘Opal only’ identify particular bus routes and bus stops where Opal cards or contactless payment methods are the only accepted fare payment method.

This means you cannot buy a ticket from the driver and you must have a valid Opal card with sufficient funds or contactless card or device ready to tap on as you board the bus.

Identifying ‘Opal only’ routes and stops

Some bus routes or stops are 'Opal only' at all times, while some may only require an Opal card at certain times of the day in order to speed up boarding times and keep buses moving quickly.

Other routes and stops are ‘Opal only’ at certain times (usually during busy or peak travel periods), but outside these times tickets can be bought from the driver as you get on.

You can see in advance if your bus route or bus stop is ‘Opal only’ by using the Trip Planner to plan your trip and checking for an alert that will tell you if any of the stops or bus routes in your journey are 'Opal only'.