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Carlingford and North Rocks On Demand service

On Demand services for the Carlingford and North Rocks areas are operated by Hillsbus and begin from Tuesday 30 January 2018.

OurBus services run across North Rocks, Carlingford, Beecroft and Epping and will connect you with a nearby transport hub, like Carlingford and Epping train stations.

Hours of operation

Services run from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) during the following peak times:

  • 5.30am - 9am
  • 5pm - 8pm

The morning service runs along a fixed route and the evening service offers a station-to-door service within the designated service area.

Bookings and fares

You can book this service at Bookings can be made from 14 days prior to your trip. Bookings are subject to availability.

A one-way trip will cost $5.


OurBus services run across 4 zones:

  • W1 includes North Rocks and Carlingford, and will connect you with M2 Oakes Road bus station
  • W2 includes Carlingford and will connect you with Carlingford train station
  • E1 includes Carlingford, Beecroft and Epping, and will connect you with Epping train station
  • E2 includes Epping and will also connect you with Epping train station

Download a printable PDF of this map (pdf 247KB)