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Taxi Subsidy Scheme digital smartcard

Watch How To Use Your Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme Smartcard video with audio descriptions


The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) is transitioning away from the use of paper travel dockets to a TTSS Smartcard to claim your taxi subsidy.

The TTSS Smartcard has been introduced throughout NSW and will now be used to claim your taxi subsidy.

TTSS participants may continue to use paper travel dockets until they have received a smartcard.

We have also recommended participants continue to carry paper travel dockets in addition to their smartcard, in the event they use a taxi that is not enabled to accept the smartcard.

Current participants

If you are already a TTSS participant there is no need to apply for a TTSS Smartcard. You will have received a letter to your nominated postal address. This letter will explain that we require a photo of you to be printed on your card for security and identification purposes.

You can choose how you submit your photo.

Submitting your photo online

You can submit your photo and provide consent for us to use your photo via the Transport for NSW concessions website. Please go to and choose the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme option and select Continue.  

On the next screen input your Client ID number. This is written at the top of the smartcard introductory letter. Include your family name in the fields provided. Please check your address and contact information is correct.

Then upload your photo and select the two boxes to indicate the information you have provided is accurate, and that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

Submitting your photo by post

You can submit your photo by post using the photo collection form (pdf 107KB). If you are posting your photo, you must fill in the photo collection form included and send that to us along with your photo. Without both the photo and the completed photo collection form we cannot send you your smartcard.

Taking your photo

The photo you submit can be taken by a friend, carer, or family member on a mobile phone or using a camera. It does not need to be an official passport photo. The photo must clearly show your face and only the top of your shoulders. Photos cannot be larger than 10 megabytes (10 MB) and must be submitted as a jpg, jpeg, gif, or png file.

Please note: if your photo does not meet these requirements, you will need to send us another photo and this may delay you receiving your smartcard.

Once we receive your photo, Transport for NSW will issue you a smartcard and instructions on how to use it. This will happen before your area transitions away from paper travel dockets.

Your TTSS Smartcard looks like a bank card and has an electronic chip. Your smartcard will have your name, photo, and card expiry date on it. It will also indicate if you travel in a standard taxi (M40) or if you require a wheelchair-accessible taxi (M50).

To claim your TTSS subsidy, simply tap the smartcard on a taxi payment terminal and the subsidy portion of your fare will be deducted. You will then pay the remaining portion of the fare with cash or a card. You can only make one claim per trip.

Your eligibility for the TTSS subsidy will not change and you will continue to receive a subsidy of 50% of your fare up to $60 per trip.

Your smartcard will have your name, photo and card expiry date on it. It will also indicate if you travel in a standard taxi (M40) or if you require a wheelchair accessible taxi (M50).

Below is an example of the TTSS smartcard.

Using a smartcard instead of paper travel dockets will improve the overall experience for you and taxi drivers.

Benefits include:

  • Photo for added security
  • 'Tap and go’ functionality is easy to use
  • A smartcard is much easier to carry than a docket book
  • Built in accessibility features such as embossed lettering, and a notch on the top or long side of the card making it easy to identify in a wallet
  • A dark blue card design with white lettering for strong colour contrast

There won’t be any change to your eligibility with the introduction of the smartcard. TTSS will continue to provide you with a subsidy of up to half the metered fare, to a maximum of $60 subsidy per trip.

Check your eligibility

There will be changes to your account, you will have a new account number.

Previously, TTSS participants had two numbers related to their TTSS account. These were a:

  • Number on the front of the travel docket book – which is your client ID (6-digit number)
  • Number on the bottom of each travel docket – which is your account number (8-digit number).

Moving forward, your two numbers will be:

  • Smartcard number – a 13-digit number located on the front of your Smartcard. Please reference this number in all communications with Transport for NSW.
  • Client ID – This number was included in the smartcard introduction sent to you in 2020. It is required when you submit your photo. If you no longer have this letter, please submit an enquiry through this feedback form to request another one.

The smartcard is easy to use. Please follow these simple steps:

  1. At the start of your trip tell the driver you are a TTSS participant.
  2. At the end of your trip the driver will stop the meter and the TTSS subsidy amount will be displayed on the payment terminal, or the driver will enter the amount.
  3. You tap the smartcard on the payment terminal to claim the TTSS subsidy – 50% of your fare up to $60.
  4. The payment terminal will then display, or the driver will tell you, the remaining component of the fare that you pay with cash or card.
  5. You can also ask the driver to print a receipt for your records.


  1. The TTSS provides a subsidy of up to half the metered fare, to a maximum of $60 per trip. For example, if the metered fare is $80, then $40 will be the subsidy portion deducted and you pay the remaining $40 yourself. If the metered fare is $140, a maximum of $60 will be deducted and you pay the remaining $80 yourself. If you require assistance with tapping the smartcard, the driver can help you.

You can view these resources for further information:

If there is a technical issue with the payment terminal the driver will use an emergency docket and take an imprint of your smartcard.

For those circumstances where a taxi’s payment terminal does not recognise the smartcard, you will need to give the driver one of your current paper travel dockets.

We recommend you continue to carry a few paper travel dockets with you.

Only one subsidy will be accepted per trip if you are riding with another TTSS participant. That means you will have to split the remaining fare with the other passenger.

As a TTSS participant, when travelling via taxi in NSW, you must have your smartcard with you and present it to the taxi driver for validation and payment.

Until you receive your smartcard you can continue to use TTSS paper travel dockets. After you receive your smartcard paper travel dockets should only be used if the taxi you have completed your trip in is not enabled to accept the smartcard or if a smartcard has been reported lost or stolen and you are waiting for a new smartcard. Transport recommends carrying two backup paper travel dockets when travelling.

Your TTSS Smartcard must not be used:

  • for trips for any purpose when you, the TTSS participant, are not in the taxi, or
  • by your family, friends or any other person.

You or your carer are/is responsible for the safe keeping of the smartcard.

If you lose your smartcard or it gets stolen or damaged, you must contact Transport for NSW as soon as possible to report it as lost or stolen. You can request a replacement by using one of the following methods:

  • Request a replacement within your profile on the Transport Concessions system.
  • Call Transport for NSW on 131 500 to request a replacement.
  • Request a replacement smartcard online using the feedback form.

A replacement fee may apply. You will be required to pay the full taxi fare until you receive your replacement smartcard.

The smartcard expiry date is printed on the front of your card. Transport for NSW will contact you prior to the expiry date to confirm that your details haven’t changed. You will then be issued a new card valid for 3 years.

The smartcard cannot be used for interstate travel yet. Please continue to order interstate travel dockets for travel in other states and territories. Allow at least 2 to 3 weeks turnaround when ordering.

Please contact us to order your interstate travel vouchers when required.

If you are not happy with the service provided by the taxi company or the driver please provide feedback to the taxi company. If you have a problem regarding the smartcard or the TTSS, please either lodge an enquiry. or call Transport for NSW on 131 500

As a Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme participant, you must use your smartcard and paper travel dockets in accordance with the conditions of use.

A breach of these conditions may lead to your removal from further participation in the scheme and/or prosecution.

See full Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us:

Phone: 131 500

Mail: PO Box K659, Haymarket NSW 1240

Online: Via our feedback form.

If you are hearing or speech impaired, you can contact us through the national relay service:

Need an interpreter?

Translation and interpreting services are available by calling 131 450