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Train speed restrictions during hot weather

During extreme hot weather conditions, speed restrictions are placed on trains as a safety measure. This is to prevent damage to the rail network and infrastructure, as the steel tracks expand in the heat.

If there are speed restrictions in place, Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink work to minimise any impact to customers. However, you should expect delays during very hot weather.

Follow these travel tips during hot weather to stay heat smart:

  • If you feel unwell, don't board the train. Ask a member of staff for help
  • If you are on a train and feel unwell, get off at the next station where you can get help from station staff
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you
  • Wait on areas of the station, stop or wharf that are out of direct sunlight if possible
  • Plan your public transport trip to avoid the hottest parts of the day
  • Keep informed via travel alerts and real-time apps