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Top up Opal with AMEX and JCB

You can now use American Express (AMEX) and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) credit or debit card to top up your Opal card online at and in the Opal Travel app.

The easiest way to maintain your Opal card balance is to set up auto top up, so you’re always ready to travel.

First you'll need to create an Opal account and register your Opal card, then you can switch on auto top up online or through the Opal Travel app.

When you top up online or via the Opal Travel app, you can access your new balance in as little as 15 minutes for metro, train, ferry and light rail services. Remember to allow up to 60 minutes for buses.

AMEX and JCB cards are not accepted at Opal top up machines located at stations and interchanges. You can use Mastercard or Visa debit and credit cards to top up your Opal card at top up machines.