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Checking contactless travel activities now easier on the Opal Travel app

It’s now easier to register your contactless card and view your travel activity in the Opal Travel app.

The new verification process is simpler, with no need to verify your past trips. Just register your credit or debit card to view your travel activity.

You can now also see a summary of all personalised travel notifications in the one place. Learn more about how to setup notifications.

With the Opal Travel app, you can:

  • view your Opal or contactless card travel history
  • plan your travel
  • set Opal card auto top ups
  • receive personalised travel notification

Using contactless payments is also now more convenient and faster for public transport users in NSW with Express Mode for Apple Pay now available on the Opal Network. 

Express Mode for iPhone and Apple Watch means you no longer have to wake or unlock your device when tapping on.

See more information about Express Mode

Learn more about Contactless payment

The Opal Travel app is free to download from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

Check the Opal Travel App terms of use (pdf 164KB).