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Accessible vehicle or facilities are not available

What might have gone wrong?

You may not be able to find an accessible service because:

  • The route is serviced by (or temporarily replaced by) a non-accessible buses
  • Designated areas in an accessible vehicle are already full of passengers
  • When you created your trip plan, the option of an "accessible trip" wasn't checked
  • The stop or station does not have accessible facilities

What to do

If something did go wrong, these tips can help get you back on your journey:

  • Wheelchair users can travel on non-accessible buses if they are able to leave their chair and get on and off the bus with or without the help of a companion. Accessible services onboard transport vehicles
  • Check the Trip Planner or transport app for alternative options with accessibility services. Learn more about planning an accessible trip
  • Ask the driver for assistance when asking other passengers not using mobility aids to move from designated areas
  • Wait for the next bus if designated areas are already full with passengers who use mobility aids, checking Next Departures for the next service from your stop or station.
  • Call the Transport Infoline on 131 500 (select option 5) for assistance.

To prepare for a smooth and easy journey, follow the below tips: