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The bus didn’t stop where I needed to get off

What might have gone wrong?

If you are on a bus and do no arrive at your destination when expected, this may be because:

  • The bus did not stop at your destination
  • You missed the stop
  • You took the wrong train
  • The vehicle deviated from its usual route

What to do

Don’t worry! Tell the driver that you have missed your stop and ask to stop at the next stop or press the stop button to let the driver know to stop at the next bus stop. The bus driver is unable to pull over unless it is a designated bus stop.

Tell the driver the name of the street you needed to get off and ask for advice on the best way to get back to your stop.

1. Where am I?

Use the following resources to determine where you are:

Use a trip planning app on your phone to find your current location. Learn more

Ask someone: Transport worker, commuter or passer by

Look at signage near you street signs, signs at the station/bus stop.

2. Where am I going?

You know your destination from your original trip plan.

Make any adjustments that you need to where you're going given the disruption.

3. How do I get there?

Find your way from point where you are to where you are going by planning a new trip using any of the options below:

Use a trip planning app to plan a new trip from your current location to your desired destination. Learn more

Call the Transport Info Line: Call 131500, select option 5

Ask someone: Ask a transport worker, a person in uniform or passer by for assistance

Call your travel support person

TIP: If you use a digital tool to plan a new trip, you will see real time information about your trip options at the time the time of travel starting from your current location.

Learn more about how to use digital tools

To prepare for a smooth and easy journey:

  • Make sure you have planned your journey in advance and your plan is in hand. Want to Learn more? Plan your journey
  • Arrive at your stop or station at least 5 minutes earlier
  • Be prepared to use your personal backup plan to plan a new route to your destination. Want to learn more? Prepare for the unexpected