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Planning your journey

Having the skills to be able to plan your journey on public transport is a great way to increase your confidence in using public transport and to be able to adapt if there are any disruptions during your trip.

To learn more about planning your journey, select the link relevant to your needs:

There are a range of digital tools available to find general information about the benefits of using digital tools for journey planning.

If you know what trip planning tool you would like to use, go directly to the help section, to learn how to you your tool of choice.

Living with a disability? You can find information to help you plan an accessible trip on public transport in NSW whether you have an assistance animal, use a mobility aid or want to find out which concessions are available to you.

See the Accessible travel page

If you are worried about experiencing any issues or disruptions to your trip, you can create a backup plan and carry it with you.

Things to consider when planning your trip

If it is the first time you are travelling to your destination, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

If you are eligible for concession travel, you need to have the right Opal Card to get the concession rate. Learn More about Opal Cards and your eligibility for concession.

If you are using an Opal card, make sure to top up your card with sufficient credit to make your trip. Find out how to top up your Opal card, go to Top up your Opal card

If you don’t qualify for concession travel, you can use either an Opal card or your visa/debit card.

It is suggested that you check the weather forecast for the day of travel so you are prepared for the weather conditions and can decide whether you should be travelling if unfavourable or severe weather conditions are forecast. You can check the Bureau of Meteorology  website for weather forecasts.

Knowing the weather conditions may also assist you in deciding the best route to take for your trip.

Trip Planning tools have useful alerts which can help you in making your travel decisions.

This website provides a list of all features found at every station, stop or ferry. You can check what accessible features of the stations and stops you will be accessing during your trip.

You can also learn more about accessibility Features on the Public Transport Network.

It is suggested you check for travel disruptions including track work or stoppages, along your planned route on the day of your travel. You can check for any disruptions to the network at transport alerts.

This is especially important if there are severe weather conditions or if you are planning to catch a train on weekends as this is when track maintenance is usually planned and buses may replace trains along certain train lines.

If you will be travelling with a support person or companion, make sure to confirm their availability. You may be able to get free travel for your support person.

Plan for the worst and expect the best! Create a backup plan you can refer to in case of disruptions.

Things to do once your trip is planned

Save the planned trips details, through the following options:

  • Set up your trip plan on your phone by using a trip planning app.
  • Keep the trip plan details open or saved on your phone or print your route details and take it with you.

Share your travel plans with your travel support person

If you have a travel support person or carer, share your your trip details, including the route you plan to follow, and when you are expecting to return.

If possible, do a walk through of your trip plan  

You may want to consider doing a walkthrough your planned trip before your actual trip. You can do this either physically or virtually using most trip planning apps.

Get help planning a trip

Walk through the steps involved in planning your journey: