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Use your backup plan

1. Where am I?

Use the following resources to determine where you are:

Use a trip planning app on your phone to find your current location.

Ask someone: Transport worker, commuter or passer by

Look at signage near you street signs, signs at the station/bus stop.

2. Where am I going?

You know your destination from your original Trip Plan.

Make any adjustments that you need to where you're going given the disruption.

3. How do I get there?

Find your way from point where you are to where you are going by planning a new trip using any of the options below: 

Use a trip planning app to plan a new trip from your current location to your desired destination.

Call the Transport Info Line:  Call 131500, select option 5.

Ask someone: Ask a transport worker, a person in uniform or passer by for assistance.

Call your Travel Support person

TIP: If you use a digital tool to plan a new trip, you will see real time information about your trip options at the time the time of travel starting from your current location.