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Travelling with bikes and surfboards

You can travel with a bike or a board on most public transport in NSW when there is space available.

Your bike or board must not prevent other passengers from getting a seat. Ensure that it does not cause inconvenience or risk to other passengers. Keep it secure so it is not a safety concern for other passengers and staff. It must be clear of the aisle, doorways and emergency exits. It is best to avoid peak hour services.

You can take your bicycle or surfboard on metro services for free at any time. You can use the multi-purpose areas in the first and last carriages for space to stand with your bike or board. Find out about bike parking facilities at metro stations

You can take your bicycle or a surfboard on a Sydney or Intercity train for free at any time.

Bicycles cannot be taken on buses because they are difficult to stow without inconveniencing or potentially endangering other passengers.

Surfboards can be taken on board, although the driver may refuse if the service is at capacity.

Bicycles and surfboards are permitted on Sydney Ferries for free at all times. However, the crew can refuse to allow a bike on board if there is a safety concern or not enough room for it to be safely stowed on board.

Some private ferry services charge an additional fee to travel with a bicycle and may require you to check for space prior to travelling.

Manly ferry vessels and the Stockton Ferry have special storage areas for bicycles. Ask the crew where they are located. For all other vessels, ask the crew to guide you to the most appropriate area to stow or sit with your bike. For safety reasons you must remain with or near your bike during the journey.

Sydney light rail

You can take bikes and surfboards on Sydney light rail free of charge at any time, but staff may restrict the number of bicycles or refuse access when carriages are crowded.

Newcastle light rail

Standard bicycles are not allowed on Newcastle light rail for safety reasons, however fold up bicycles are permitted. You can also take surfboards free of charge at any time and you can place them in the dedicated surfboard racks available in each carriage.

Bikes and surfboards can be taken in a taxi if the vehicle is suitable and with the permission of the driver. Bikes need to be boxed.

When cycling as part of your trip, find out where you can securely store your bicycle in a bike shed or locker. Secure bike sheds and lockers are located at train stations, wharves and interchanges across NSW.