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Helping you maintain physical distancing on public transport

To help you plan ahead and allow for physical distancing on public transport we have updated the capacity information available.

Real time capacity

To see if you can to maintain physical distancing on board Waratah trains and Opal enabled buses, check:

Estimated capacity in the Trip Planner and Opal Travel App

Estimated capacity information is now available for all metro and train, Opal-enabled bus, ferry and light rail services in the Trip Planner and Opal Travel App to help you plan ahead. Based on previous data, the estimated capacity is used whenever real-time data is unavailable.

If you see:

  • A one person icon and/or green indicator shows space available for physical distancing.
  • A two person icon and/or amber/orange indicator shows limited space to maintain physical distancing from other passengers.
  • A three person icon and/or red indicator shows physical distancing from other passengers cannot be observed.

Other important tips:

  • To slow the spread of coronavirus, you must stay at home if you are unwell
  • Please avoid close contact with transport staff or other passengers
  • Travel outside peak times where possible

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