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Central Station

Travel in the correct car

Some Intercity trains may be longer than the platform.

Plan your trip to choose the correct car for your destination.


  • Wheelchair accessible car space
  • Kiss and ride stopping area
  • Taxi rank
  • Bike racks
  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet (MLAK)
  • Baby change table
  • Emergency help point
  • Payphone
  • Free WiFi hotspot
  • Departure indicator screen
  • Luggage storage
  • Opal card top up or single trip ticket machine (Cash or Card Payment)
  • Opal card top up machine (Card Payment only)

Train station staffed hours

Staff are on duty at this station during these hours:
Weekdays Weekends/public holidays
24 hours 24 hours


  • This location is Independent Access
  • Wheelchair ramp boarding assistance
  • PA system for announcements
  • Platform edge tactiles
  • Stairs
  • Lift
  • Escalator

Opal fare peak times

When you travel outside of peak times with an Opal card you will receive a 30% discount. Off peak fares apply on metro/train, bus and light rail service . The off-peak discount does not apply to Opal single tickets.

The peak times from Monday to Friday for this station are:

Morning Afternoon
6.30-10am 3.00-7pm

Finding your way around Central Station

Central Station is comprised of the Grand Concourse, North Concourse, and the South Concourse.

The Grand Concourse contains platforms 1 to 15 for regional and intercity trains. The North Concourse contains platforms 16 to 25 for Sydney trains, and the South Concourse contains platforms 4 to 25 for Sydney and Intercity trains.

The Grand Concourse is where you will find the NSW TrainLink information point, the NSW TrainLink luggage collection and drop-off, secure luggage storage services, the Sydney Visitor Centre and Coach terminal, toilets and transport Information.
There are two exits in the Grand Concourse.
Exit 1, Forecourt leads to Railway Square where you can catch a bus service, here you will also find the NSW TrainLink luggage collection and drop off point, Coach bays, Taxis and the kiss and ride area.
Exit 2, Pitt Street is where you can join light rail services.

The North Concourse is where you can join trains to the Airport leaving from Platform 23.
Toilets are also available in the North Concourse.
There are three exits for the North Concourse.
Exit 3, Eddy Avenue where you can catch buses from Stands A through D.
Exit 4, Elizabeth Street, where you can catch buses from Stand E through F or Taxis.
Exit 5, Eastern Stairs which is an underpass for Chalmers Street.

The South Concourse also provides access to trains to the Airport leaving from Platform 23.
There are two exists in the South Concourse.
Exit 6, Chalmers Street where you can catch Buses from Stand G.
Exit 7, Railway Square where you can catch Buses from Stands J through N.

Public transport maps

Central - Station map
Central, Chalmers Street - Light rail stop guide
Central, Grand Concourse - Light rail stop guide
Central - Local area map

Stop information

Eddy Ave, Haymarket