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Travelling by wheelchair accessible taxi

Different types of wheelchair accessible taxis operate in NSW, including flashcabs, mini buses, and people movers.

Each vehicle is designed to ensure safe travel for you and your wheelchair and can accommodate one or more wheelchairs.

If you are a NSW resident with severe and permanent disabilities that prevent you from using public transport, you may be eligible for subsidised taxi fares under the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme.

If you live in the Sydney metropolitan area, you can book with Wheelchair Book & Ride:

In all other areas, please contact your local taxi company.

Booked taxi trips in NSW are no longer subject to a regulated maximum fare.

However, booked fares for Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) customers will remain regulated. The fare calculation device must be used, and the fare charged cannot exceed the regulated maximum set by Transport for NSW. When booking a taxi, customers should advise that they will be using a TTSS voucher for the trip. 

Please note: For non–TTSS trips, booked WATs are not required to use the meter

The driver can turn on the meter when you and your mobility aid have been securely placed in the vehicle at the beginning of your trip.

The driver is required to turn the meter off when the taxi arrives at the specified destination, before assisting you from the taxi or unloading your mobility aid from the vehicle.

The driver should also turn the meter off when the journey has temporarily stopped, for example, to refuel the vehicle.

The meter should be off when the driver asks for fare payment.

If your wheelchair can be appropriately secured, you can travel while seated in the chair.

If you use a motorised mobility scooter, you must be seated in the taxi prior to the scooter being loaded and secured. This is for your safety and that of the driver and any other customers in the taxi.

Only customers actually confined to a wheelchair are to be loaded/unloaded into the taxi while seated in the wheelchair.

All wheelchair accessible taxis must meet the requirements for wheelchair and occupant restraint assemblies as prescribed in the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017.

Mobility aids must have a four-point restraint system to safely secure the device while in transit.

If your wheelchair or scooter doesn't have adequate anchorage points for the required restraint system and cannot be safely secured, then the driver cannot transport the wheelchair or scooter