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Group travel

If you are planning to travel in a group you can join a standard service, book a Regional service or organise to charter a bus or coach.

Large groups should plan ahead and allow plenty of travel time on the day.

Sydney and surrounds

Each person travelling in your group will need their own Opal card, Opal single ticket or contactless credit or debit card or mobile device. Contactless payments can only be used to pay an Adult Opal fare.

Plan ahead and ensure everyone has enough balance on their Opal card to cover their fare before boarding the metro, train, bus, ferry or light rail service.

It is not possible to reserve seats for large groups on the Opal network and it is not guaranteed your group will be able to board specific services.

Groups and school excursions can plan and track their services with the Trip Planner and transport apps.

If your group plans to travel on a regular bus service, it is best to avoid peak travel times as buses often reach capacity.

Peak times are generally Monday to Friday, 7am–9am and 4pm–6:30pm.

You may need to consider splitting into smaller groups and be prepared to stand if seats are full.

If you are planning to travel with a large group on metro services you can contact Metro Trains Sydney by phone (02) 9854 4602 or email Metro Trains Sydney will be able to provide any relevant information on services at the time of your travel, such as trackwork.

It is recommended that you contact Sydney Trains in advance to assist with your travel plans.

Send your information through the Sydney Trains excursions form and you will contacted by a Sydney Trains staff member.

There is no provision to book for groups on Sydney Ferries network.

Weekends, special event days and school holidays, in particular throughout the summer period, can be busy and popular ferry services fill up quickly.

Sydney Ferries cannot guarantee passage on a specific service and it is recommended that you arrive early to the wharf.

Keep in mind, ferry services can also be delayed and cancelled for reasons beyond our control.

For group travel on the Stockton Ferry, email

Sydney light rail offers 'turn up and go' services on a frequency basis, but operating hours and frequency of services varies between lines.

Ahead of your group’s trip:

For a safer and more comfortable trip, group travel should be planned ahead of time.

  • Use Trip Planner to check on the latest service schedule.
  • Check Travel alerts to get the latest service information including planned service closures due to trackwork, maintenance or events. 
  • If anyone in your group has specific accessibility requirements, find out more about Sydney Light Rail accessibility features

Note: It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure their students travel safely and courteously.

On the day of the group travel:

  • Check Trip Planner and Travel alerts again to get the latest service information
  • Arrive at the stop 20 minutes before departure time.

At the light rail stop:

  • All group members must tap on their Opal card at an Opal reader before boarding. Opal readers are located on all Sydney light rail platforms.
  • Spread out on the platform and stand behind the yellow line.

For big groups:

  • Be prepared to not travel together on one light rail service, especially during busy periods between 7am and 9.30am and 3pm to 6.30pm on weekdays.
  • Use the Help Point to alert the Sydney Light Rail Operational Control Centre that you are travelling with a group. The operator will inform the drivers of the next services.

Boarding the light rail service:

  • Allow other passengers to alight first before boarding the service.
  • Board the service promptly and in orderly way, for your safety and the safety of other passengers, and to avoid delaying services.

 Onboard a light rail service:

  • Always keep the doors and aisles clear.
  • Use a seat or hold on to a handrail for support: light rail vehicles can move or break very quickly.
  • Keep your bag off the seats. If seated, place your bag on your lap, under your seat or between your feet; if standing, place your bag between your feet.
  • Keep wheelchair users’ areas and priority seats free unless you have specific mobility requirements.
  • Offer your seat for customers who need it more.
  • Have your Opal card ready for inspection by revenue protection officers.
  • Don’t put your feet on seats.
  • Don’t sit on the floor.
  • Keep your litter with you as light rail services do not have bins onboard. 

Alighting a light rail service:

  • Get off the service quickly and in an orderly way, for your own safety and that of others, and to avoid delaying services.
  • Tap off your Opal card at an Opal reader after alighting.

Regional NSW

For local bus services or to charter a bus, contact the local transport operator.

Private transport operators

For group travel on the private ferry services in Sydney and around NSW, contact the local transport operator.

To find out more about chartering a bus, contact the local transport operator.

If you need help locating a charter bus service for your desired route, contact 131 500.