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Due to a technical issue, you may see incorrect or duplicate information on the Departure Board in the Opal Travel App. Please review the descriptions provided below for further information.

We are working to resolve the issues as fast as possible, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. There is no known impact to other features within the Opal Travel Ap.

1. No trip options provided when selecting a combination of saved and new locations

Issue: No trip options are displayed when you plan a trip using a combination of a saved location and a new location on the Departure Board.

Suggestion: You can use the Trip Planner instead of the Departure Board to plan their journey.


2. Duplicate saved locations visible

Issue: You may see duplicate saved locations or trips in the Saved trips screen when planning a trip.

Suggestion: Selecting any of the duplicate saved locations will provide the desired trip suggestion.


3. Information banner may be displayed

Issue: The ‘Direct Services’ information banner may be displayed for a planned trip.

Suggestion: You may ignore this banner if satisfied with trip results. Alternatively, replan the trip from the Departure board or use the Trip Planner.