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Minor timetable changes in September

From Saturday 7 September there will be minor route, platform and timing changes across some Train routes. On Sunday 8 September three late night bus routes on Friday and Saturday nights will be withdrawn due to low patronage.

There will also be more Regional train services for Bathurst from Monday 16 September and Griffith from Wednesday 18 September.

Make sure you plan your trip to see if your travel will be affected.

  • Minor route, platform and timing changes to current timetables at Central Station
  • Some T8 Airport & South Line and T2 Inner West & Leppington services to and from the city will depart earlier
  • T1 North Shore Line
    • The weekday service departing Central and ending at Gordon at 8.26am will now continue to Hornsby, stopping at all stations
  • T5 Cumberland Line
    • The 8.10am and 9.10am weekend services to Leppington will leave three minutes earlier
  • T9 Northern Line
    • The 7.16am weekend service to Hornsby will depart one minute earlier
  • Central Coast & Newcastle Line
    • The weekday 4.26am Newcastle to Sydney service will depart 3 minutes earlier
  • Blue Mountains Line
    • Springwood to City services departing at 9.22am and 5.28pm will depart 2 minutes earlier respectively
    • One additional Bathurst service 7 days per week from Monday 16 September.
    • All services will now stop at Tarana and Rydal stations.
  • Southern Highlands Line
    • Some services will depart up to 10 minutes earlier
  • Hunter Line
    • Trains travelling to Newcastle Interchange on weekdays between 6am and 7am will leave two minutes earlier
  • One additional Bathurst service 7 days per week from Monday 16 September. Tarana and Rydal stations will be added as extra stops on the new service.
  • One additional Griffith mid-week service from Wednesday 18 September. This service will depart Central Station, Sydney on Wednesdays at 12.01pm arriving at Griffith at 8.33pm. Then returning on Thursday, departing from Griffith Station at 7.25am and arriving at Central Station at 4.03pm.
  • Improved journey times on Southern Regional services
  • Route 829 - Parramatta to North Parramatta shuttle
    • Withdrawl of services on Friday and Saturday nights between midnight and 3am
  • Route M91 - Parramatta to Chester Hill
    • Withdrawal of existing services from 11pm onwards on Friday and Saturday
  • Route 94N - Wollongong to Thirroul
    • Cancellation of overnight services