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New mid-week Griffith to Sydney service

A new mid-week service between Griffith and Sydney will start in mid-September, providing more choice and flexibility when travelling by train across the Riverina.

The first new mid-week service will depart Sydney for Griffith on Wednesday 18 September, followed by the first Griffith to Sydney service on Thursday 19 September.

In addition to the new Griffith service, those travelling to Sydney from Canberra, Melbourne and Griffith will save up to 16 minutes on the journey from this September, with adjustments to departure and arrival times for some services.

Train services between Sydney and Griffith

Central (Sydney) 7.05am 12.01pm Griffith 7.25am 7.25am
Griffith 3.25pm 8.33pm Central
4pm 4.03pm

You can now book your trip on these new services.