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Opal top up amount increasing

Minimum Opal card top up amounts at Opal top up machines and retailers are increasing from 18 November.

The minimum amount Adult Opal cardholders will be able to top up at a retailer and an Opal top up machine will increase to $20. Concession and Child/Youth Opal card holders will need a minimum of $10 to top up their balance at Opal top up machines and retailers. There are no changes to top up amounts for Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card holders.

But you can still top up $10 at a time online or with the Opal Travel app, or $5 for Concession and Child/Youth Opal cards.

Minimum top up amounts from 18 November

Opal card Retailer Opal top up machines Online or through Opal Travel app
Adult $20 $20 $10
Concession and Child/Youth $10 $10 $5
Gold Senior/Pensioner $2.50 $5 $5

The easiest way to maintain your Opal card balance is to set up auto top up so you are always ready to travel.

Contactless payments are now accepted on all public transport in the Opal network, so you can tap on and tap off with a contactless credit or debit card or linked device.

Find out more about top up amount options.