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Seat availability feature now at station platforms

You can now see seat availability before you board a Waratah train by checking the indicator screens on the platform.

The indicator screens now show which carriages have seats available, have standing room only or are completely full. This gives you more information so you can decide which carriage to take or whether to wait for another train.

Example of indicator screen displaying seating capacity on a train

The carriage capacity indicator is currently available for Waratah trains. Weight sensors are used to calculate the number of passengers on board and updates the status each time the train doors close.

Waratah trains run on the following lines:

  • T1 North Shore & Western Line
  • T2 Inner West & Leppington Line
  • T3 Bankstown Line
  • T5 Cumberland Line
  • T7 Olympic Park Line (weekends only)
  • T8 Airport & South Line
  • T9 Northern Line

You can also see the carriage capacity indicator for trains and buses on the Transport for NSW’s Trip Planner and Facebook Messenger transport bot. Transport apps with this feature include the Opal Travel appNextThere, TripView, AnyTrip and TripGo