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COVID Safe Travel Notifications on Opal Travel app

COVID Safe Travel Notifications on the Opal Travel app are a world first innovation providing advanced personalised alerts for physical distancing on trains and Metro, all without having to plan a trip.

Based on physical distancing guidelines and your recent historical Opal Card travel data, the feature provides predicted capacity for your regular train and Metro service. The Opal Travel app then monitors the network status and sends a personalised notification to you, informing whether or not your regular train or Metro service is COVID-safe for travel. You will receive notifications relevant to their regular trip up to 30 minutes before they start their journey.

The new features allows you to know in advance, plan and see when a service is most likely to have available capacity on board, rather than arriving at the station to find the service is already at full capacity. The notifications will also let you know if your service is running on time or delayed and if it is impacted by a major disruption.

If you are eligible, you will be invited to opt in based on your recent travel patterns. The COVID Safe travel notifications banner will display on the home screen allowing you to follow the prompts to set up the notifications.   

Once you have successfully set up the notifications, you will receive a notification 30 minutes before each specified departure time. The notification will provide information for your regular train/Metro service, such as predicted capacity on board, and other services.

If you have an active Opal Card and have used it to pay for your regular travel over the last 21 days by train or Metro, please download the Opal Travel app to the latest version and subscribe to COVID Safe travel notifications.