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Extra services for Summer travel

More than 1200 extra services across Greater Sydney public transport network will help keep you COVID safe as people return to the CBD and move around this summer.

The new summer timetable will start from December 1 and will allow for more people to get to popular public spaces like shopping centres and beaches while helping us stay COVID safe.

An extra 970 weekly services will be added to the 3,300 extra services already running across the network. This will include an extra 900 weekly night bus services in and out of the CBD on Friday and Saturday nights.

An extra 236 weekend services will run to Bondi, Coogee and Manly beach, while ferry frequency will increase, to meet customer demand based on the current physical distancing requirements.

An extra 70 weekly light rail services will be running from 7pm Wednesday to Sunday in anticipation for expanded shopping hours in the CBD.

Transport for NSW continues to work with Councils to support customers travelling on the public transport network, with increased cleaning, green physical distancing dots and additional staff all still in place.

Key changes

  • 600 weekly night bus services between 9pm and 1am on Friday and Saturday nights
  • 300 weekly Nightrider services from midnight to 4.30am on Friday and Saturday nights
  • 236 extra weekend services will run to Bondi, Coogee and Manly beach
  • 70 weekly light rail services on the L2 Randwick and L3 Kingsford Lines from 7pm on Wednesday to Sunday
  • Manly Ferry Service increased from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes during the day until 6pm

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