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Extra transport staff deployed for back to school

Hundreds of extra transport staff have been deployed across the network as more people return to work and students return to school.

From Monday 25 May, extra transport staff will be out and about to help people maintain physical distancing and stay safe when travelling on the network to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Physical distancing

Transport staff will monitor physical distancing, assist with crowd management and provide extra guidance to help customers move through stations and interchanges safely. This could mean forming lines at bus stops or limiting the amount of people who can enter onto a platform.

Transport for NSW has rolled out green dots across the entire network to show you the safest places to sit and stand.

You can plan your trip with real-time information to see which services have space with the Trip Planner, travel apps and social media.

Travel to school

No school student will be turned away from any public transport, even if this means physical distancing won’t always be possible.  

Adults may be asked to wait for the next service or may choose to get off if they are not comfortable with how many customers are on a service.

Parents and carers should make travel choices which suit their individual circumstances, including driving, walking and cycling.

Extra cleaning

Transport for NSW has increased cleaning across public transport, with more than 700 extra cleaners hired since March.

These efforts include cleaners boarding buses to clean high touch areas, including Opal card readers and stop buttons, in preparation for the next service.

Advice for drivers

Drivers are reminded 40 km/h school zones are active on every NSW school day.

Drivers should remain vigilant and expect to see significant increased activity around schools from tomorrow.

What you can do

To help us continue to slow the spread of coronavirus, you are reminded to:

  • Stay at home if you are unwell
  • Avoid close contact with transport staff or other passengers
  • Travel outside peak times where possible

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