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Free Wi-Fi for Central Coast stations

Free Wi-Fi is now available at nine stations on the Central Coast Line as part of a trial to deliver greater connectivity between Hornsby and Wyong

More stations have been added to the Wi-Fi trial. You can now access free Wi-Fi at Tuggerah, Ourimbah, Lisarow, Narara, Hawkesbury River, Cowan, Berowra, Mount Colah and Asquith stations.

The Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi trial allows passengers to catch up on work or the news, and stay in touch with friends and family, while at one of these train stations.

Work is continuing along the rail corridor to roll out free Wi-Fi to 19 stations between Hornsby and Wyong on the Central Coast Line over the coming months.

To access the Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi service you need to:

  • Be at Tuggerah, Ourimbah, Lisarow, Narara, Hawkesbury River, Cowan, Berowra, Mount Colah or Asquith stations on the Central Coast Line
  • Ensure your mobile device is turned on and has its wireless signal or switch activated.
  • Look up available Wi-Fi networks on your device
  • Select 'Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi' from the network list
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

The service is only accessible at the station and on the platform. Once you board a train, you will lose connection and need to switch to your existing mobile data to continue to access the internet.

If you are transferring between train services and want to continue to use your daily Wi-Fi allowance, you will need to reconnect at each station.

You can access up to 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi per day on your device while you are at one of these train stations. Once you reach your daily limit of 60 minutes, you will receive an alert on your device and be disconnected from the free Wi-Fi network.

The speed and performance may vary depending on the number of users connected to the service and your online activity such as video streaming.

To allow for ‘fair use’ and optimise network performance, Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi allows a limited number of users to connect to the service at one time. This means there is no seamless login, you will need to re-connect your device and authenticate each time you use the Wi-Fi service.

You can use Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi to access the internet, social media platforms, emails or stream video content. As a public service, some content will be restricted and some sites may be blocked.

Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi is an open, non-secure public network. We recommend that sensitive information such as online banking is not accessed on this service.

To help you be informed when using any public Wi-Fi services, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has published an informative Guide to public Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia.

The Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi trial will run for 3 years at all 19 stations between Hornsby and Wyong. There are no immediate plans to expand the trial to other stations or modes of public transport.

We will collect anonymous data about access to and use of the service. We will use this information to learn about how customers use this technology and to adjust and improve the service during the trial.

Transport for NSW takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. We protect the privacy of our customers and the security of our data holdings.

The Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi network provides a ‘one-click’ authentication process that does not request any personal information to connect. We will not collect any personal information about you in connection to the Transport NSW Free Wi-Fi service.

For further information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

If you are having difficulty connecting for the first time we suggest you first consult your device’s manual or contact the device manufacturer for specific instructions.

The Wi-Fi network provider will be actively monitoring the service and troubleshooting any technical or performance issues as required. If the service is unavailable for any reason they will be working to resolve it soon.

We value your input. If you would like to provide feedback or report an issue please use our train feedback form.