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Increased services for trains and buses

More than 3,300 extra services will be added to the public transport network across Sydney to temporarily increase capacity for physical distancing and provide more options for customers.

Key changes

  • Buses: more than 3,100 weekly services added
  • Sydney Trains: more than 250 weekly services added

The extra weekly services will be added to the network from today to help customers continue to make smart travel choices and practice physical distancing on all modes.

There has been a slight increase in peak hour travel in the past two weeks and as part of our proactive and adaptable approach we want to provide customers with more information and options throughout the day to help flatten the peak travel curve.

Almost 800 extra weekly services have already been added across buses and light rail in the last month.

This next step in the COVIDSafe Transport Plan will see 100,000 extra spaces across the network each week to support people returning to jobs and kids getting back to school.

The majority of extra services have been designed to increase capacity outside the traditional peak where they are needed most.

Based on current physical distancing requirements, these extra services will help provide more than 59,000 extra spaces on trains and more than 37,000 extra spaces on buses across each week.

Our Marshalling Response and Support Teams are helping customers move safely across the network. Increased cleaning is also continuing across all modes, with buses and trains now being cleaned up four times a day.

Our advice remains that if you are not already using public transport during the peak times, please do not start now. We also ask for you to consider driving, walking or cycling whenever you can and continue to working flexibly if possible.

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