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New Tarana bus service connects Oberon residents with Bathurst Bullet

NSW Trainlink staff and customer before boarding the coach

A new bus service will make it easier for Oberon residents to connect to the Bathurst Bullet train service at Tarana.

The new service will begin on Monday 1 June, replacing the Oberon to Mount Victoria coach service which ended on Sunday 24 May.

This new service will run five days a week, making life easier for those who need to travel to and from Sydney. Opal card readers are installed at Tarana Station making it easier to join train services into Sydney and take advantage of cheaper tickets travelling from Tarana instead of Mount Victoria along with other Opal travel benefits.

The new Oberon service will connect at Tarana with the second Bathurst Bullet which departs at 8.07am and arrives into Sydney at 11.19am.

The return train departs Sydney at 3.05pm and arrives at Tarana 6.14pm and the bus will then depart Tarana at 6.30pm arriving in Oberon by 7pm.

The Bathurst Bullet will operate to slightly revised times on Wednesdays due to the pre-existing Indian Pacific timetable, departing Sydney at 3.57pm and arriving at Tarana at 7.05pm and the bus service to Oberon is altered to take this into account.

If you need to travel between 24 May and 1 June please call the NSW TrainLink Contact Centre on 13 22 32.

You can now plan your trip or book tickets for the new coach service.