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Travel information for students returning to school

From Monday 11 May children will gradually return to face-to-face learning. It’s an important step for the whole community and public transport is critical in helping students get to and from school safely. It’s just one of the ways we’re supporting the community during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The safety of our customers and staff is always our number one priority. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve continued to do everything we can to make sure our services are safe and the cleanest they’ve ever been. As more children start to return to school we’re ramping up our safety and cleaning efforts even more.

To encourage physical distancing on our services, we are offering guidance and encouraging our customers to ensure they play a part in helping us keep the network, and them safe but we will not enforce physical distancing. Customers will need to make the right decisions for themselves when it comes to keeping a safe distance.

Transport for NSW continues to support physical distancing where possible, this will not apply dedicated school services, as no school student will be turned away. Parents and carers should not send children on public transport if they are displaying any symptoms of being unwell.

These times can be a challenge for us all in different ways so it’s important for us all to be as kind and as patient at possible. Just a smile and a hello can help make such a difference.

You can also download the COVIDSafe app. The voluntary app helps protect you by using technology to quickly identify if you’ve been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus.