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Travel off peak and save

With public transport services already close to capacity during peak hours we recommend you avoid travelling at peak times if you can. This can not only help you have a more comfortable trip, while maintain physical distancing, but could also save you money too.

Check our tips below to see how you can take advantage of our tools and incentives:

Use flexible working for off-peak travel discounts

If possible, take advantage of flexible working so you can travel outside of peak times. You can try this by starting and finishing work earlier or later than normal.

Not only will you avoid the crowds with more chances of getting a seat to yourself, but there is now a 50% fare discount on travel outside of peak hours across metro, train, bus and light rail and all day fare cap of $8.05 on Saturdays and Sundays meaning you could also save money.

Helping you maintain physical distancing

There are now more services available during off peak times, offering more travel options to help you maintain physical distancing and have a more comfortable trip by avoiding busier times of the day.

You can also use the capacity indicators in the Trip Planner results or the Travel Insights dashboard to help you check if physical distancing will be possible before you board your service. Once on board you can use the green dot indicators to show you the safest places to sit and stand.

Use active transport

Consider walking or cycling for part or all of your travel. There are now multiple popup cycleways around Sydney to help you ride to work safely and easily and you can even use the Trip Planner to plan a trip with your choice of whether you want to walk or cycle for part, or all of the journey.

This allows you more opportunity to fit exercise into your daily routine even if you can't get to the gym and may even save you money by reducing the distance travelled on public transport, which means a reduced fare.

Keep up to date

Make sure you check the latest COVID-19 Travel advice and information at