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Minor train timetable changes in February

On Sunday 28 February 2021, some minor timetable adjustments are being made to train services.

These adjustments are being introduced as part of a regular review of train services to help improve network resilience and reliability.

There will be some minor timing adjustments of up to two minutes to departure and arrival times to a small number of services on the T1 Western Line, T5 Cumberland Line, Blue Mountains Line and the Central Coast & Newcastle Line.

You can plan your new trip using the Trip Planner from 15 February to see if your travel is affected by the changes. You can also check transport apps, indicator screens on platforms or listen for announcements at stations.

Changes by line

Minor adjustments have been made to some weekday services.

  • The weekday 5.45am Blacktown to Richmond service arriving Richmond at 6.25am now departs Clarendon 6.18am (instead of 6.19am) and East Richmond at 6.21am (instead of 6.22am) and arrives at Richmond one minute earlier at 6.24am.
  • The weekday 6.15am Blacktown to Richmond service arriving Richmond at 6.55am now departs Clarendon one minute earlier at 6.48am (instead of 6.49am) and East Richmond one minute earlier at 6.51am (instead of 6.52am) and arrives at Richmond one minute earlier at 6.54pm.
  • The weekday 6.34pm Central to Richmond service arriving Richmond at 7.54pm (departing Chatswood at 6.07pm) departs Riverstone one minute earlier at 7.32pm (instead of 7.33pm) and departs East Richmond one minute earlier at 7.51pm (instead of 7.52pm).
  • All weekend T5 services to Richmond arrive at Richmond one minute later.
  • Some weekday late night Leppington to Richmond services arrive at Richmond one minute later.
  • All weekend Leppington to Richmond services arrive/terminate at Richmond one minute later.

Minor timing change to one service.

The weekday 5.26pm Springwood to Central train arriving Central at 6.51pm will now depart the following stations one/two minutes earlier;

  • Departs Springwood at 5.24pm instead of 5.26pm
  • Departs Valley Heights at 5.28pm instead of 5.30pm
  • Departs Warrimoo at 5.33pm instead of 5.34pm
  • Departs Blaxland at 5.37pm instead of 5.38pm
  • Departs Glenbrook at 5.43pm instead of 5.44pm

There is no change to the time this service arrives at Central (6.51pm)

The weekday 6.02pm Wyong to Gosford service arriving Gosford at 6.24pm will now depart/arrive the following stations one minute later;

  • Departs Wyong at 6.03pm instead of 6.02pm
  • Departs Tuggerah at 6.06pm instead of 6.05pm
  • Departs Ourimbah at 6.12pm instead of 6.11pm
  • Departs Lisarow at 6.15pm instead of 6.14pm
  • Departs Niagara Park at 6.18pm instead of 6.17pm
  • Departs Narara at 6.20pm instead of 6.19pm
  • Arrives Gosford at 6.25pm instead of 6.24pm

The weekday 5.02pm Newcastle Interchange to Gosford service arrives Gosford two minutes later at 6.31pm (instead of 6.29pm)