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Stay COVID Safe: Register your payment card to help contact tracing

Help us stay COVID Safe. Register your Opal, debit or credit card for fast access to your travel history to check against latest COVID-19 case locations. This will help make contact tracing quick and efficient.

Simply register online or through the Opal Travel app today to get access to all your recent trip information including dates, times and locations.

What you need to know:

  • Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for your trip on public transport.
  • Tap on and tap off with the same card or linked device for all your travel all week to receive the same travel benefits and rewards of an Adult Opal card. See: How to use contactless
  • Register your payment card online or through the Opal Travel app.
  • You can also check your travel history for registered or unregistered Opal cards.

Digital tools to keep you COVID Safe

If you do need to travel for essential purposes, remember to plan a COVID Safe trip. Use one of Transport’s digital trip planning tools to get you there safety.

Here’s how:

  • Set up COVID Safe notifications in the free Opal Travel app.
  • Check service capacity at select stations or stops, in the Opal Travel app or in Trip Planner.
  • Remember face masks are mandatory when travelling on public transport.
  • Please only sit or stand where you see a green dot.

See: Digital tools to help you plan COVID Safe trips