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L1 Line light rail services increase to every 8 minutes during weekday peaks

From 6am Monday 5 December 2022, the frequency of L1 Dulwich Hill Line light rail services will be further increased during busy periods across the full line between Central Grand Concourse and Dulwich Hill.

From Monday to Friday:

  • The frequency of L1 light rail services will increase to every 8 minutes from 7am to 10am and from 3pm to 7pm.
  • L1 light rail services will continue to run every 15 minutes from first services at 6am to 7am, from 10am to 3pm, and from 7pm to last services at 11pm (or midnight on Friday).

On Saturday and Sunday (including public holidays):

  • The frequency of L1 light rail services will increase to every 10 minutes from 11am to 5.45pm, and to every 12 minutes from 5.45pm to 9.30pm.
  • L1 light rail services will continue to run every 15 minutes from first services at 6am to 11am, and from 9.30pm to last service at 11pm.

Please note:

  • If you are travelling between Central Station, Darling Harbour, Pyrmont and Ultimo, walking might be an alternative transport option.
  • L1 Dulwich Hill Line light rail services are not equipped with real-time yet: the next service arrival times displayed on the information displays at stops, on Trip Planner or on transport apps are approximate.
  • Due to the use of new L2 and L3 light rail vehicles and historical L1 light rail vehicles operating on the L1 Dulwich Hill Line, there will be some variations in the travelling experience. It includes information displays onboard unable to automatically list the next stops. For information on stopping patterns, refer to the line diagrams displayed onboard all light rail services.
  • Overnight light rail services between Central Grand Concourse and The Star continue to be suspended until further notice.

It’s important we all play our part to stay safe:

As L1 light rail service frequency is increasing, all customers must remember safe behaviours should always be followed.​

  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Always use designated crossings and avoid distractions like mobile phone or headsets.
  • Once on the platform, wait for others to get off before you board, and stand clear of doors closings.
  • If you require assistance to board, wait in the wheelchair boarding zone.
  • Take extra care and mind the gap.
  • Once on board, hold on at all times: light rail vehicles might have to break at short notice to avoid an immediate hazard, even in the dedicated corridor section.
  • If you need the wheelchair ramp at the next stop, let the driver know by pressing the blue button with an accessible symbol

Allow extra travel time and plan ahead using the Trip Planner or check travel alerts to see if your travel is affected, or to find alternative transport options.

Between... And... Walking distance
Central Grand Concourse Capitol Square approx. 7 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse Paddy's Markets approx. 11 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse Exhibition Centre approx. 17 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse Convention approx. 25 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse Pyrmont Bay approx. 30 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse The Star approx. 35 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse John Street Square approx. 34 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse Fish Market approx. 35 minute walk
Central Grand Concourse Wentworth Park approx. 26 minute walk

Between Lilyfield and Dulwich Hill:

Between... And... Walking distance
Grand Central Concourse (Central Station) Capitol Square approx. 7 minute walk
Capitol Square Paddy's Markets approx. 4 minute walk
Paddy's Markets Exhibition Centre approx. 4 minute walk
Exhibition Centre Convention approx. 7 minute walk
Convention Pyrmont Bay approx. 6 minute walk
Pyrmont Bay The Star approx. 5 minute walk
The Star John Street Square approx. 6 minute walk
John Street Square Fish Market approx. 8 minute walk
Fish Market Wentworth Park approx. 7 minute walk
Wentworth Park Glebe approx. 8 minute walk
Glebe Jubilee Park approx. 18 minute walk
Jubilee Park Rozelle Bay approx. 13 minute walk
Rozelle Bay Lilyfield approx. 14 minute walk
Lilyfield Leichhardt North approx. 16 minute walk
Leichhardt North Hawthorne approx. 10 minute walk
Hawthorne Marion approx. 10 minute walk
Marion Taverners Hill approx. 9 minute walk
Taverners Hill Lewisham West approx. 10 minute walk
Lewisham West Waratah Hills approx. 12 minute walk
Waratah Hills Arlington approx. 9 minute walk
Arlington Dulwich Grove approx. 6 minute walk
Dulwich Grove Dulwich Hill approx. 10 minute walk