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Meet you at EDDY: Central Station’s vibrant new pop-up

Get ready to experience “EDDY”, Central Station’s latest pop-up at Eddy Avenue and Plaza.

Reimagined from a general thoroughfare to a new and vibrant place to shop, dine and meet, EDDY caters for everyone. With up to 15 stores to choose from, EDDY will be home to a range of arts and events, restaurants, live music and more!

EDDY is part of the Central Precinct Renewal Program, a long-term city shaping project that will revitalise up to 24 hectares of land in and around Central Station.

Now open at EDDY

New retailers are being added all the time and will continue to open over the coming days. Right now, you’ll find:

  • Dust Flowers
  • EDDY Multi Space featuring a pop up by artist Flume and Future Classic
  • Shoebox
  • Nonna’s Grocer
  • Nomad radio

Central Station’s first cinema, recording studio, and pizza and gin bar are also on the line up and we can’t wait to open our doors to all our customers.