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Park&Ride car park availability in real-time

See how many vacant car parking spaces are available in select Transport Park&Ride car parks in Sydney.

You can access real-time cark park occupancy data via an app to see how many parking spaces are available at select Transport Park&Ride car parks to help you better plan your trip.

Car park occupancy data is collected using smart parking systems installed in Transport Park&Ride car parks at all locations.

The data is available to endorsed third-party app developers on Transport for NSW’s Open Data Hub. AnyTrip is the first third-party app to support real-time parking availability.

The real-time car park feature will provide an approximate number of parking spaces available at each location along with predictive occupancy patterns based on historical data.

Transport Park&Ride car parks provide up to 18 hours free parking each day when you complete a public transport trip by tapping on and off using an accepted Opal card or credit/debit card (linked to a Transport Connect account). Find out more about Transport Park&Ride car parks.