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Opal comes to Manly Fast Ferry

From Sunday 1 October the Manly to Circular Quay Manly Fast Ferry service will see fares fall to the same single-journey price as the F1 Ferry service, and the same array of Opal benefits offered across the Opal network will kick-in.

The 20-minute Manly Fast Ferry ride will be bundled into the daily and weekly transport caps, with discounts applied when transferring between multiple modes of public transport under the Opal Transfer Discount.

The change means more than 700 NRMA-operated Manly Fast Ferry services a week will be accessible under Opal fares, opening up choice, service frequency, and travel rewards for passengers.

As part of the Opal integration, new ticketing gates for the Manly Fast Ferry service are being installed at Manly wharf 2 and Circular Quay wharf 2A.

Once in place, passengers will be able to use their opal card, contactless card, or digital device to tap on the Manly Fast Ferry service.

You will need to continue to tap on at the Manly Fast Ferry payment terminal, until Opal gates go live on Sunday 1 October.

  Current Manly Fast Ferry fare/with SmartCard discount Opal Ferry Fare Opal Daily Travel Cap* Opal Weekly Travel Cap* Opal Weekend Daily Travel Cap*
Adult $10.20/$8.16 $8.04 $16.80 $50 $8.40
Student/Concession $6.10/$6.10 $4.02 $8.40 $25 $4.20
Senior/Pensioner $10.20/$8.16 $2.50 $2.50 N/A $2.50

*Opal Travel Caps apply across all metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services.