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Remember to tap on and off every time

It’s now easier than ever to pay for public transport with contactless payments available across the Opal network in NSW. You can use a contactless credit or debit card or linked device (such as your smart phone or smart watch) for Adult Opal fares and get the same travel benefits as Opal including:

  • $2 discount for every transfer between modes as part of one journey.
  • Half price travel after eight paid journeys in a week
  • Fares capped daily, weekly and on weekends
  • 30% discount on metro/train, bus and light rail fares outside peak times. 

When everyone pays their fares, it means there is more money to spend on extra services and new infrastructure, and we can better plan for future services and develop accurate real-time information for you.

More than 800 Transport Officers, Authorised Revenue Protection Officers and Police patrol all modes of public transport every day including trains, metro, buses, light rail, and ferries. Officers carry card readers to check if you have tapped on.

If you are using an Opal card, officers will check your balance, recent transaction history and the card type (e.g. Adult, Senior/Pensioner, Concession or Child/Youth).

If you are using a contactless card or device, officers will check if it is valid and accepted for contactless payments, where you tapped on or off, and the fare you paid.

Key facts

  • On average, up to 10,000 people have their tickets checked every day
  • While most people pay the correct fare, some people don’t do the right thing 
  • The chances of getting caught are high because officers will be travelling across the whole transport network and at different times of the day

Remember, it is an offence to travel on public transport in NSW without being in possession of a valid ticket. Tap on and off every time to avoid a hefty $200 fine (maximum fine amount $550).

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