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Timetable changes for Bathurst bullet train

From Wednesday 15 November 2023 until Wednesday 27 March 2024, there will be some timetable changes for Bathurst Bullet train services on Wednesdays.

The changes to Wednesday Bathurst Bullet services are: 

  • The 6:03am Lithgow to Bathurst train service (WN13) will depart 26 mins earlier at 5:38am
  • The 7:35am Bathurst to Sydney Terminal train service (WN14) will now arrive at 11:19am saving passengers 27 minutes on their journey. 
  • The 3:57pm Sydney Terminal to Bathurst train service (WN15) will depart 52 mins earlier at 3:05pm
  • The 8.32pm Bathurst to Lithgow service will now depart at 7.25pm
  • The 8pm Bathurst to Orange coach service (CLK597) will depart 50 minutes earlier at 7:10pm to align with the arrival of the train service. 

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